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Hotel review - Barcelo Cardiff Angel

October 26th, 2011

So I thought I was about time I reviewed another cheap hotel here on the blog. The hotel I decided to go for is the Barcelo Cardiff which is a 4 star AA attested hotel located on Castle road about half a mile from the city centre. The main reason I went for this hotel is the price with rooms at £65 during the week around £10 - £15 more during the weekend. There are cheaper rooms available across the city but I do feel that for a genuine 4 star place these prices are very reasonable, after all it’s about value for money too and not just price for me.

Another plus point for this hotel is the location as its situated right between the millennium stadium and Cardiff castle which are two of the most visited attractions in the Cardiff. The hotel itself is a Victorian building dating back to 1883 and it’s been restored to a very high standard, the outside of the building is particularly impressive. Also the hotel does seem to have quite a long list of facilities including:

  • Free wifi
  • Air con in all rooms (not sure how much you’ll need this in Cardiff!)
  • Onsite car parking (not free though)
  • Satellite TV
  • Restaurant

I suppose the above is really just to prove that it is a genuine 4 star place and not just one of those “self certified” hotels of dubious quality. It all brings me back to price though as I really think you will struggle to find the same facilities in Cardiff for less than £80 per night, so the weekday £65 rate seems like a real bargain.

On the subject of ratings I was thinking about reviewing somewhere else, the Regan Lodge on Cathedral road. Regan is actually a guesthouse and not a hotel plus even though its 4 star too its “self classified” which always makes me wonder. However for price it does seem hard to beat as it’s only around £40 a night so I thought it might be worth a mention.

So that’s it for the first review in a while, hopefully one of the two places will suit your needs. Personally I think the extra £20 a night for Barcelo compared to Regan is going to be worth it, you are on holiday after all! Come back soon as I have more hotel reviews on the way.

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Cheap accommodation Cardiff

April 5th, 2009

It doesn’t really matter what type of discount accommodation you are looking for either in Cardiff or Wales as a whole the most important thing is to look at the main facilities a hotel has and also its location and not just the star rating. Many people do not realise but alot of hotels these days award their own star rating based on what level they think the hotel is at. With this in mind im going to list below a few of the best deals that are available for the city. Although the hotels chosen are at the cheaper end of the scale they are not the very cheapest available as i believe you should not have to compromise and quality to such as large extent as so i dont usually recommend 2 star accommodation.

  • Park Inn Cardiff North is as the name suggests situated in the north of the city and is about 3 miles from the centre. This is a genuine 3 star hotel ie they are not self certified which i think is always a good thing. Rooms start at around £50 per night which i think represents very good value for anyone on a budget. One of the best and most surprising things about the hotel is that all guests have free access to the gym and swimming pool which is definitely a rare perk for any type of accommodation in this category.
  • Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff is a hotel situated much closer to the city centre than our last hotel as its only about half a mile from the main district. As such it is more expensive and you can expect to pay around £55 per night for a standard double (according to Ceri). The hotel is definitely more compact than others and has a kind of urban apartment feel. There arnt too many free extras with this place but you do get wifi and free international calls with the room. This is a 3 star hotel and is certified at this rating by the Welsh Tourist Board which is nice.
  • The Best Western St Mellons Hotel has a good reputation as a hotel chain primarily as it has good hotels all over the country and whilst i do think that big hotel chains can feel slightly too corporate sometimes i don’t think this is the case here. A standard double will set you back between £60-70 and i think this represents a pretty cheap deal for a hotel in category. While it is not located close to the city centre it does have impressive surroundings with large gardens and also a spa and gym on the premises.

As you can see there is a very wide range of deals on cheap and budget accommodation in the capital city of Wales. The type of hotel and price you are going to pay really does depend on what your requirements are and most important what type of location you want as i believe location is one of the most important factors in any type of accommodation search. With this in mind work out want you are looking for first and choose wisely.

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Cardiff hotel review : St Davids Spa

March 25th, 2009

Sometimes if you have never been to a city before it can be very hard to decide on a good hotel, so i thought i would start a series of reviews on some featured hotels in the city of Cardiff. The hotel i am going to review today is the St Davids hotel and spa. This is a quite expensive hotel and located close to the centre of the city. It is a 5 star hotel and all of the apartments feature balconies and also Italian marble throughout the apartments. Another great main feature of the hotel is the accompanying spa resort which features everything from a gym to a steam room and swimming pool.

St Davids hotel Cardiff

The spa also features a number of specialist beauty treatments including aromatherapy and oxygen facials. This hotel has to be one of the top places to relax in the capital city of Wales in my opinion. It may not be cheap at no less than £100 per night however it is hard to find this kind of luxury anywhere else in Cardiff.

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Great map to help find hotels

January 31st, 2009

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to judge location when it comes to hotels and this is always true if it is a city you are not familiar with. It is important to think about location and how it relates to what you want to do on your stay as travelling to major activities every day can be time consuming and expensive. Often when people are looking for cheap hotels in Cardiff they don’t think about the location of their hotel and how much it may cost to get into the centre of town as taxis every day can be quite expensive. Hopefully the map below will help.

View Larger Map

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Book off-peak for great deals

January 7th, 2009

Most people don’t think about it but if you book on abnormal dates you could be in line for a big discount on your hotel. Nearly all Hotels are well below capacity on Sunday nights so its this time that you will be able to find a much cheaper deal. You could find that the price is as much as 50% lower than what you would pay on a Friday night. Its worth thinking if the saving is worth it even if it means you have to book a different day off work.

There are other benefits to booking at off-peak times, mainly that many more of the facilities will be free and less crowded especially if the hotel has a gym or other leisure facilities. This is also true of the surrounding city and not just the hotel. Many more of the main attractions in the city will be less crowded and you many even find that you can get discounts to some of the activities because of this. Booking away from the school and other public holidays is another good tip as most hotels offer cheaper deals around these times.

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Why Cardiff?

November 25th, 2008

Do not forget to purchase picture postcards of the city since they are they best way to remember memories by. These postcards, sometimes, tell many stories. Did you know, for instance, that the name `Cardiff’ is derived from the Latin words `Caer’ & `Didi’ which means `Fort of the Didius’.

This is not surprising for those who know about the history of the city of Cardiff, which started with the invasion of the city by the Roman general Aulus Didius. Though the weather of this city is not what one would call the best, the climate is generally temperate and will not hamper or dampen your stay in the city. For those who love impressionist works, a visit to the National Museum & Gallery is strongly recommended. One should also check out the Cardiff Bay which is a hub of social activity. If you prefer shopping in the streets rather than in the costly malls, do bargain, since it is an accepted practice in the city of Cardiff.


Finding the best hotels in Cardiff

November 25th, 2008

Whether it is a business trip or a pleasure trip to Cardiff, you need a place to stay as long as you are there. If you are among the lucky ones who have relatives or friends, the only way out for you is to seek out for a hotel that permits you to enjoy your travel and at the same time does not burn a hole in your pocket. There are many people who take things for granted and do not book rooms in advance. They end up in all sorts of problems upon reaching the city, especially if they are visiting during the holiday or festival season, to find that no lodging space is available in any low-cost hotels.

If you are one such person, you might find yourself a place in one of the high end hotels, but the tariffs of the same will deduct a hefty amount from your budget, leaving you with no cash to purchase gifts for your family and friends. Hence it is important that you plan your trip well in advance and book your hotel rooms far before your date of travel. This will ensure peace of mind while you are traveling and will also ensure that you do not overshoot your budget. There are quite a number of low-cost hotels available in Cardiff and a cursory glance of the net will provide you with many results. Do not expect the lavishness of a `5-star’ hotel but at the same time ensure that you are getting your moneys worth.

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Why book your hotel early?

November 19th, 2008

Whilst there are many great hotels in available in Cardiff it is important that potential customers realise the capital of Wales can be overbooked at certain times. This is usually because of the fantastic Millennium stadium which plays host to the international Welsh rugby side.

Even when the city is full it is still possible to find cheap hotels to stay in Cardiff, as there are many great discounts to be had all year round.

The Angel Hotel, Cardiff Bay and the Marriott are three fine examples of quality but cheap accommodation that are available to pre-book online.


What type of hotel in Cardiff?

November 19th, 2008

Cardiff HotelsMost hotels have their online presence and you shall find online calculators on their websites which will assist you to book the exact room you are interested in. You have options of selecting room by amenities or by budget. If you so want, you can also for transportation from the airport to the hotel right from the hotel’s website. Most hotels offer great sightseeing tours and you can find comprehensive details on the website. Once you are over with the details, just complete the formalities and relax in peace for the big day to arrive. There are many ways that people can tour and see the sights offered by the city. The simplest way is to walk on foot to the different tourist attractions. You can always ask the locals for help and directions.

Who knows, if you are lucky, you might find something extra during your journey from one landmark to another. You might find a souvenir shop to purchase things for your family and kids. If you had opted to travel by a car, you might have missed these things altogether.

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